Wood, game cards and pieces
26" x 26"
Wood, playing cards and pieces, paint
26" x 26"
The Only Farm We Have
frame, wood, artificial trees, toy farm animals, people and house
15" x 18"
A Place for Animals
wood, plastic animals and trees
23" w x 30" h

I created a safe environment for animals to live. This piece is about conservation and also freedom and wildness.

Needle Boxes
12.5" x 32"
Sewing machine needle boxes and found objects
beeswax, paraffin, beads on board
56" x 70" x 6"
Small beeswax leaves are attached to wooden panel to create feathery wings. The "jewel" circles and ovals accentuate the soft wings.
Moonlight over Lake Lanier
Picture frame, Yupo, excelsior, styrofoam, wire, bamboo, polymer clay, paint
40" x 51" x 9"

In the late 1950's Lake Lanier was created in N.E. Georgia by filling vast valleys and farmlands with water covering many small town. This assemblage depicts the structures underwater.

The Places You'll Go
Assemblage of game boards, toy airplanes and toy trains.
98" x' 51"

The Places You'll Go began with three vintage airplanes and some game boards from my childhood. I was unsure what the piece was about until later when I realized it was about my longing to travel.

Invasive Species
Mixed media
37" x 35" x 20"
Found frame, antique silver vase and ceramic objects, fabric, wood, antique crochet fabric, artificial fruit and flowers.
frame, dolls, toy bears, paper mache deer, artificial greenery, lights, acrylics
35" x 43" x 8"

This piece is about fear and uncertainty, helplessness, and caring entities.

Food Pyramid
Plastic food, candy, polymer clay, acrylic paint in custom made wooden box
37" x 37" x 37" x 43 1/2" x 3 3/4"

This piece is a commentary on what foods people actually eat as opposed to what the U.S. government's pyramid for dietary guidelines.

Numbers Game
Game pieces, puff balls,pipe cleaners, acrylic paint
31 1/2" x 42"
Assemblage of pieces from a numbers game for children along with parts from an anatomy puzzle
How to Lay a Fire
found painting and wood scraps, purchased wooden toy parts
21 1/2" x 28 1/2"

3D assemblage of wood scraps and toy parts on top of found broken painting

Momma Told You Not To Fight
Action figures, wood panel, acrylic paint, fabric
Assemblage of wrestler figures and scolding women
This piece was inspired by my acquaintance with the sister of Lex Luger, the famous wrestler, and hearing the story of his paralysis.

Men and Girls
Wooden box, action figures, girl toy figures, sewing machine needles
20" x 25"
Assemblage of male figures and female figures. This piece is about compassion, caring and vulnerability.
Killing Fish
wooden frame, taxidermy fish, action figures, computer boards
20" x 22"
I was learning to fish when I created this piece about man's war on fish.
Plastic Lobsters, action figures, plastic alligators, beads, plastic toys
32" x 48"
Colorful assemblage of large plastic lobsters and action figures. An expression of pure fun!
wood, copper
12" x 40" varies
Assemblage of crafted shapes to create layers of color and movement.
Reflections of Childhood
mirror, wire, porcelain dolls, beads, toys
12" x 26"
Duplicate dancer top and bottom create a type of reflection repeated in the mirror background.
Mirror with Lee's Animals
mirror, wood, vintage bobby pins and card, plastic comb, plaster, copper, chrystals
14" x 25"
A mirror an assemblage of found wooden and copper animal shapes.
Anatomy Puzzle
beads, framed photo, puzzle pieces, vintage toys, plastic guns and fish on board
34" x 34"
Assemblage of anatomy puzzle pieces, beads, plastic guns and benign 3D fish picture. This piece was created in the wake of school shootings in Minnesota.