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Sara Schindel

Sara Schindel was born in Atlanta and raised in Athens GA, the daughter of extremely hard-working parents who owned and ran a garment factory that made women’s sportswear. She received a BFA from the John Herron School of Art of Indiana University where she majored in painting and printmaking.

In addition to her art, she has a freelance day job, and keeps a separate art studio so that her house is spared the paint and detritus used in her work.

My work is about empathy. Although not always consciously, I use my experience in the world to create art related to current issues: health, social conditions, ecology, political strife and the relationship between these issues.

Many times, I look back on something I’ve made and realize what it is about, long after making the piece.

I get my inspiration from events going on around me, reading, travel, and the natural environment. It seems impressions from these stimuli roll around in my head then present themselves in an abstract way in my work.

The piece above is entitled “Bad Housekeeping.” It was a playful topsy-turvy room full of furniture. I replaced the background recently with a collage of green and realized the piece was actually about upheaval and chaos. Although the piece has a playful side, it has a disturbing premise. During the Covid19 quarantine, our lives were upturned and disrupted in many ways. Sometimes it was like turning a house full of furniture upside down.
This scary piece: A Large Cat Comes was created at the beginning of the pandemic. The scary cat is an analogy for the terrifying virus.
This is called: The Garden of Eden. It was a commission and now resides in Oakland, CA.

You can see more of Sara's work at or Instagram (@saraschindelart)

Women's Caucus for the Arts Georgia Interview with Sara Schindel
Description of Work

Sara Schindel
Whether it’s her paintings or assemblages, they almost always possess a whimsical tone, a sense of humor or irony, but underneath it all lays a strong sense of intellect. In her Flying Carpet series, suspended objects create strong compositions that few artists can master to scale. These common everyday objects transcend into a mural of three-dimensional delight. They are endearing as well as enduring. In her piece, Time for Fun, she takes childhood toys and creates a very serious work of art that demonstrates her ability to reshape their simple message into an artifact of nostalgia. Educated at the Herron School of Art, Sara’s fantasy-like paintings are reminiscent of Marc Chagall’s work. Her loose and surreal technique is both sophisticated and dreamlike. Not only does a visual journey await the viewer, but also her intelligent humor serves as a threshold to deeper meaning and interpretations that create thought-provoking art.
For more information about Sara,
email: or call 404.483.9663

Photo of Swirls from Women's Caucus for the Arts meeting at my house

Sara Schindel's assemblages on Bennett Street