wood, beads, half marbles
26" x 36" x 3"
Clay Weaving
Air dried clay, acrylic paint
18" x 14" x 2"
Game Piece
Plastic game pieces, pom poms, pipe cleaners, acrylic paint
Pink, Black and White
Oil on board
72"x 48"
Orange with Wire
Oil on board, wire
37" x 46"
Hot Pink Flower
Oil on board
48" x 48"
Eggs and Crystals
paper mache', artificial flower petals, fake fur, beads, wooden panels, styrofoam eggs
21" x 20" x 8"
Encaustic and various objects
19 1/2" x 20"
Falling Water
playing cards, acrylic paint, glue, glitter, half marbles
64"x 60"

Falling Water (Detail)
Inspiration Mad Color
pipe cleaners, plastic fencing
28" x 38"
Rolled Flying Carpets
pipe cleaners and plastic fencing
54" x 54"
The Tide
Encaustic, beads on board
56" x 70"
Blue with Marbles
cold wax medium, oil paint, half marbles on wood
31" x 21"
Lluan, acrylic paint
49" x 54"
Black Grey Green
wood, acrylic paint
57" x 26"
African Carpet
59" x 36 1/2"

 "Wooden Carpet" was created after I began to study contemporary African American art. The colors and open composition resonate to me of a somewhat different culture than mine. My work using wood in a three dimensional way and painting it has been satisfying in that it provides a tactile and dynamic quality to the work. 

Beeswax, paraffin, caulk, beads on board
56" x 70" x 6"

Construction of panels covered in wax "leaves" with oval and round bead covered shapes

Wood, copper
12" x' 40"
Assemblage of animal and human shapes.
Oil on panel
42" x 108"

I painted "Clouds" many colors until I had a clear image in my mind of dark clouds with gold edges. The piece feel like a story of hope

Three dimensional painting with layers of painted panels

Relatively light weight

Clouds installed
78" x 45"

"Homage" is simply an homage to the great artist Joan Miro. I had the opportunity to visit The Joan Miro Foundation in Barcelona. His work brings me great joy.

styrofoam, acrylics, glitter
22" x 33"
Tea Time
Mixed Media
36" x 41" x 23"

shrub, acrylic paint, pewter tea pot, nest, paper mache' birds, silk rose petals

Bird's Place
box, cotton string, silk rose petals, sticks, bird's nest
38" x 34"
hardware clothe, wire, papier mache', paint
48" x 144"

Running is a large piece made from hardware cloth, paper mache' shapes and creatures, paint and wire.

A swimming sea creature comes to mind when I look at this piece.

Oil Spill
cable, wire, glass, asphalt, aluminium
132" x 72"

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill occurred in April of 2010. I constructed my Oil Spill piece with the disaster in mind. The wires in the piece are covered in asphalt. Rubbery cable form the woven form with glass "water bubbles" strewn across the form.

Traveling in Circles
Board games, game pieces, toy cars, cards
9' x 9'
Assemblage of board games and game pieces with toy cars on plastic road going round and round
The Places You'll Go
board games, toys, Brio trains
52" x 98"

Assemblage of gameboards, toy airplanes and toy trains.

Transit Map
rope, flocking, beads, wire
36" x 26"

My sister named this because it reminded her of a subway map. The construction of the piece takes weaving out of the norm into an experimental realm with flocked rope, wire and beads.

Eggs and Jewels
Paper Mache', beads, plastic eggs, tissue paper, acrylic paint
40" x 45"

Wall hung weaving from paper mache' strips. Beaded egg shapes on the surface with one "egg" opened to reveal "crystal" shapes

When I lived in Boulder, CO several years ago, I had a studio in the upstairs of an old fire station. The pole that the firemen slid down when the fire alarm rang.was originally in my space.

In that dry Colorado climate I was able to create work in paper mache' that usually dried in a day.

Egg and Jewels was created in that dry environment using building construction materials, paper mache', silk flowers, beads and hardware cloth.

Small Papier Mache' Carpet
papier mache, paint, glitter
12" x 16 1/2"
Woven Papier Mache'
Papier Mache', builder's mesh, paint, glitter
15" x 20"
Four Corners
Paper mache', hardware cloth, paint
30" x 46"

Four Corners is a paper mache' on hardware cloth construction. Four playful shapes are the basis of the piece like the corners of the four adjoining states in the Navajo Nation.

Wire Blanket
wire, polymer clay, paint
31" x 56"
Wire Blanket looks like and ancient Indian artifact but it is quite contemporary! Each bead was formed on the wire and baked until hardened. Then each bead was painted along with the supporting wire.
Breckenridge Rocks
copper wire, ceramics, paint
14" x 132"

Breckenridge Rocks was created by gathering rocks and casting them to create multiples of four different rocks. The fun in this piece is that no rock is exactly like another and the piece seeks to disprove that theory.

Musical Rocks
copper wire, ceramics, paint
31" x 56"

While visiting Breckenridge ski area during the summer, I enjoyed a day wading in a marvelous stream. I picked up a lot of rocks and took them home, cast them in plaster, and created ceramic models of the rocks. Then, painstakingly, I painted each one.

Flower Power
rope, papier mache', paint, gimp
Hog wire, asphalt, toy alligators, plastic plants
46" x 46"

This is a playful piece with toy alligators moving across a grid. The alligators are like slashes of paint on a canvas.